Search Engine Optimization

As a company, we appreciate that there are many steps in the website design and development process, ranging from gathering initial information to the creation of your site and ultimately the maintenance of your site so as to keep it current and up to date.

Our interactive web design process has the following basic steps; information gathering, Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Delivery and maintenance. We appreciate that we need to have a solid understanding of your company, your business goals, values, dreams and aspirations before coming up with ways and means with which we can help you utilize your website to achieve company goals.

Apart from striving to know the purpose and goals of having your site, we assist you identify you target audience. We picture the ideal person you want to visit your website by considering their sex, age and other interests so as to help us come up with the best design style for your website. Further to all this, we also help you come up with the correct content.

Using the information that we have gathered, we then go ahead and develop a sitemap, this is basically a list of all the main topic areas of your site as well as relevant subtopics if needed. This is essential because it does help us develop for you a consistent, easy to understand and simple to follow navigational system. It is during this stage that we also help you decide on the best technologies to implement. Elements such as the CMS to be used, the use of WordPress, Contact forms, Payment modules etc will be discussed at this stage.

Drawing from the information we have gathered, we shall work with you to determine the required look and feel of your site during the design phase. With years of experience, we are acutely aware of the need to constantly communicate with you as the website owner so as to ensure that the final site will not only meet but surpass your expectations in terms of needs and requirements. We achieve this by creating prototype designs and sharing them with you throughout the entire design and development stages. This does give you an opportunity to express your like or dislike of certain aspects of the design prior to completion.

We are also adept at implementing flat design which is known for its simplistic appearance. Instead of only using 3 dimensional effects and other design techniques, we opt to focus more on the content over other design features. Through this design, we use a minimalistic style which makes the website appear much cleaner with lots of whitespace.

During the development stage, we first develop the homepage. This is then closely followed by a shell for the other interior pages. We usually use the shell to serve as a template for the content pages since it usually contains all the main navigational structures for your website. At this stage we also finalize on interactive contact forms and make elements such as shopping carts functional.

We also carry out plug-in installations for WordPress or other CMS driven sites. We have the ability to apply variable SEO techniques to optimize your website with a variety of elements such as description, titles, keyword tags etc. which come in very handy if you want to achieve higher rankings for your site with leading search engines in the online market space.

At the testing and delivery stage, we do attend to the final details and carry out tests on your website. During this stage, we test things such as compatibility issues, functionality of forms and other scripts and ensuring that the site is optimized appropriately so as to be viewed in current browser versions. We shall also ensure that all the code used is valid and meets the current web development standards. All these are done from our Port St. Lucie Web design office.

It should be noted that our web designers are not only well versed in current standards for web site design but are also well acquainted with most technologies such CSS, HTML and Angular JS etc. Once we have your final approval, we shall deliver the site using an FTP program and upload the site files to your server.

Further to the above, it is also worth mentioning that all our sites are responsive. This does imply that your site can be viewed from a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Ensuring that your site is responsive does make for good user experience; this is because your website visitors will get the same experience no matter what device. This is very important because very few people currently use desktop computers solely to get information online.

Usually, our responsive web design is built and developed around three main elements. These include Media Queries, Fluid Grids and Fluid Images. Generally, the practice in designing websites usually involves only the use of fixed width layouts. This usually has the negative implication of having the constituent elements and web pages have a fixed size and width and are also positioned around the center. The liquid layouts we use do provide lots of advantage when you take into consideration the number of devices which can be used to access the internet. A liquid layout will usually expand with the page size of the device in question.

Feel free and get in touch with us at our Port St. Lucie Offices Graphic Design and find out how we can partner with you and deliver not only a responsive design but also a well thought out and affordable website for your business.